Laser Hair Removal in Vero, Melbourne, & Sebastian, Florida


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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for the bikini line is quite popular, especially if one spends a great deal of time at the beach or does any type of modeling.
Many people are not aware that there are different styles of laser hair removal when it comes to the bikini line, especially if they are not familiar with the procedure.

There are actually 2 main styles when it comes to the bikini line. These are the bikini and the Brazilian.

Laser hair removal in bikini style.

The regular bikini line laser hair removal is pretty straight forward. This  includes the hair on each side of the bikini line. When performing this type of hair removal, the clinician will  ask the patient to wear panties or the bathing attire they plan to wear, so that they have a good idea where the patient wishes the hair removed. The hair is then removed about an inch inside the bathing suit line and roughly 3 inches outside the bathing suit line.

Laser hair removal in Brazilian style.


In this style, one has all of the hair removed from the entire front, the labia area as well as the perianal area if requested. Basically all the hair from front to back. A few patients may request a modified Brazilian, which leaves a small, 1/4 inch strip of hair at the front.

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