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Electrolysis in Vero Florida

When you are looking for a way to remove all of that unwanted body hair, it may seem like there are a lot of options for getting rid of it. Lotions, creams, waxing, threading and tweezing are all options for removing hair, but how long will it really be gone and what will it cost to you? You will likely end up in pain from the unnecessary burning or pulling of your skin and hair. The hair will definitely grow back which will result in more physical pain and financial cost in order to remove it again.

During electrolysis, a tiny needle is inserted into the skin. The needle is placed deep into an individual hair follicle that holds one hair. Then, a low-level electrical energy pulse is sent into the follicle to destroy it. The existing hair falls out, and the process is repeated hair by hair. Those who opt for electrolysis will need to return for treatment to destroy all the unwanted hair. Electrolysis is the only method to destroy gray, white or blond hair.

Don’t give up hope just yet. There is a better way than all of those methods combined! When you are looking for the most comfortable and permanent way to get that clean, smooth look and feel, you really only have one great option. Electrolysis is a scientific, state of the art approach to hair removal.

There are three ways electrolysis is done. Each one is quick and permanent. Galvanic electrolysis uses a chemical to kill the root of the hair. Thermolysis uses heat from very tiny short-waves of electricity, and the Blend method uses both galvanic and thermolytic electrolysis to focus on the root of each and every hair. All of these methods cause the root to lose its ability to regrow. The hair is gone; permanently!
Electrolysis is also the only truly permanent method of hair removal to be recognized by the FDA. No other hair removal treatment is a permanent solution to achieving that sleek, healthy looking skin you desire. Here in Vero, Florida we love to show off our smooth results! Give us a call today! 321.508.6367