Laser Hair Removal in Vero, Melbourne, & Sebastian, Florida


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Many women suffer from body hair that they’re not comfortable with. Fortunately most of the time this hair is is in areas such as the upper thighs, eyebrows, bikini line or other spots where it can be easily removed by waxing or shaving, or hidden by clothing. This is not the case for women who have hair on the chin. This can be an especially embarrassing problem because make-up only serves to emphasize it, plucking it is not a feasible option and waxing is expensive, painful, and less successful on areas where the skin is not very taut. Laser hair removal can be a permanent solution to this problem. With a few treatment sessions you can get rid of unwanted hair for good. Chin laser hair removal can make you happier and more confident in your appearance.

Laser hair removal works by targeting individual hairs with bursts of carefully calculated light and energy. The hair is destroyed at the root because the lasers used transmit incredibly precise concentrations of light into the follicles. The pigment, or melanin, in the hair absorbs this light, taking in heat and effectively destroying the hair. Safety glasses are worn to protect you from the laser’s light and as for pain, many people liken it to the sensation of plucking your eyebrows.

Lasers select coarse dark hair without any risk of harm to the surrounding skin, which is protected by a layer of cooling gel. Darker or thicker hair is easier for the lasers to target because the dark pigment attracts light, meaning that black or brown hair better absorbs the laser’s energy. Each pulse of the laser takes milliseconds. Chin laser hair removal can be a very quick process, with each session taking just a few minutes in total.

Before committing to laser hair removal you should stop waxing or plucking four weeks prior to your first treatment. This will give the hair time to grow long enough to be efficiently and evenly removed. Unprotected sun exposure should be avoided for approximately one month before and after treatments, as while the procedure is entirely safe for your skin, the epidermis will become more sensitive and therefore more susceptible to sun damage during this time. So use your sun block!